PHD 3 : ADJIMOTI Kingnidé Wilfrid

Impacts of fungal diversity decline on livelihoods and synergies with gender inequality


My research topic is the assessment of the impact of declining fungal biodiversity in sub-Saharan Africa and livelihoods and synergies with gender inequality. This study aims to assess socio-economic aspects of diversity and fungal loss and its links to human well-being, as well as poverty and gender inequality. Specifically, it involves (1): evaluation of the current status of fungal resources in sub-Saharan Africa, (2): evaluation of the impact of the decline in fungal biodiversity on various livelihood activities, particularly those reliant on fungi for subsistence, income generation, and cultural practices, (3): To explore the gender-specific roles, responsibilities, and vulnerabilities related to fungal diversity loss and its implication on repercussions on livelihoods and promoting gender equality