Project leader

Prof. Nourou S. YOROU​


Prof Nourou S. Yorou

 Nourou S. YOROU is mycologist at the Faculty of Agronomy, University of Parakou, and head of the research unit Tropical Mycology and Plant Soil Fungi Interaction . He is in charge of coordinating all activities, including the monitoring & evaluation; management of risk; delivering value for money; ethics; reporting to Darwin; appointing Benin-based staff; pastoral care of Benin-based staff; supervising fieldwork, trials and NGO course organization; jointly supervising research on fungal diversity decline on poverty and its synergy with gender inequality (with CABI); digitizing and editing of data (with Cybertruffle); jointly supervising preparation of national fungal status assessments (with CABI); jointly preparing plans for a culture collection   (with CABI)

Project Management Team

CABI International

David Minter

Partner Scientist

Matobo Conservation Society (Zimbabwe)

Cathy Sharp

Partner Scientist

Permaculture Association (UK)

Gihan Soliman

Partner Scientist

Collaborating NGO


Saïdou  M. Gnanando

Saïdou M. Gnanando

Chief Executive Officer

Local communities

Soumaila Ali

Focal point of Gorgoba

Karim Alou

Focal point of Orougbeni

Soke Zouberath

 Focal point of Kouborou

Tiga Imorou

 Focal point of Babazaoré

Mayaba Valérie

 Focal point of Papatia

Moumouni Sabi

 Focal point of Tamandé

Gounou Saka

  Focal point of Sinaisiré

DOKO Adèle

Focal point of Kota

Project Staff

Wilfrid K. Adjimoti (Benin)

Impact of fungal diversity loss on livelihoods and gender equality.

Wilfrid Kingnidé Adjimoti holds a Master's degree in Agronomy and Sustainable Environment.....

Ramdan Dramani (Benin)

Restoration of destroyed ecosystems.

Ramdan DRAMANI, holds of a Master's degree in forestry science and technology.....

Apollon DMT Hegbe (Benin)

Management of fungal data and development of national fungal assessments.

Trained in data science and holding a master's degree in forestry sciences and techniques, Apollon is interested ...